Boise City Bond Election Proposals

with guest speaker
David Eberle, City Council Member
Dennis Doan, Boise Fire Department Chief
Scott Holloway, Boise City Parks & Recreation Director

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Owyhee Hotel Ballroom
11:45 am - 1:15 pm


Wednesday, September 25th, the Idaho Environmental Forum will host a lunch program to discuss the Boise City bond election proposals. The Boise City Council has called for a general obligation bond election on two propositions to be voted on at the November city election.

Voters will be asked to approve or not approve bond indebtedness for enhanced public safety with contraction and replacement of a number of fire stations and training facilities, and in a second measure to increase public open space in the Boise foothills, and provide more park services. Together the two proposals would raise $32.4 million.

The IEF program will include a presentation from city officials on the details of the proposals. City Council member David Eberle will provide an overview of the proposal and the rationale for the Council bringing the ballot measures forward at this time. He will be accompanied by Boise Fire Department Chief Dennis Doan and Boise Parks and Recreation Director Scott Holloway. Doan and Holloway will present details on the use of the funds if the bond votes are in favor.

In the absence of an organized opposition, this forum will focus on the proposal and its details. Here is your chance to ask questions about the technical and factual information in the proposal. For example, how do the investments improve equity among neighborhoods? Can we expect the same leveraged investments in Boise's foothills as we saw with the first $10 million? Can we use funds to protect the Boise River? Is this good land use planning? Come satisfy your curiosity about this bond issue from your viewpoint as an environmental professional and be informed on the details as the campaign unfolds before the November election!



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